An analysis of competition between barley and white persicaria

“Barley and white persicaria (Polygonum lapathifolium L.) were grown in pure and mixed populations of varying density in sand culture in a glasshouse. The leaf areas and dry weights of leaves, stems and roots were determined at intervals. During the phase of vegetative growth the addition of dry matter by barley was unaffected, although tillering was reduced, by competition from dense stands of white persicaria, whereas the growth of white persicaria was reduced by low densities of barley. The decline in leaf area and reduction in root growth of barley with the onset of flowering was accompanied by increased growth of white persicaria with the production of branches from the upper axillary buds. These flowered and set abundant seed. This behaviour probably accounts for the persistence of this weed in arable rotations.”

Annals of Applied Biology; Volume 47, Issue 1, pages 156–172, March 1959 (paywall)


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