Fish introductions to Philadelphia

“The experience of the Department has been that the best catfish for Pennsylvania waters are the native catfish or bull head. They thrive and do better than the imported fish, but do not attain the size of some of the other catfish which some persons desire to introduce. The policy of the Department is to go slow on introducing any new fish into the waters of the Commonwealth, because experience has proved that such fish are not entirely desirable, as shown in the case of the German carp.”

Report of the Department of Fisheries of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (1913-1914)

“One of the necessities of successfully stocking the streams and waters of the State with fish is a plentiful supply of food. The water plants are the gardens that furnish the food for the little fish but as the fish advance in size they need more than microscopic food. The largest source of supply for most fish are members of the minnow family, and in the original balance established by nature the supply of minnows was equal to the demands of the fish population of the waters. Of late years this balance has been destroyed partly due to the introduction of other fish, such as carp and bass, which destroyed the previous balance established by nature.”


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