A Wissahickon Valley gem [Houston Meadow]

By Tom Witmer, Fairmount Park

 “The Wissahickon is widely recognized for its majestic forests, rugged terrain, extensive trail system and other features. Perhaps a less-recognized aspect of the Park is the presence of a few meadows, most notably Houston Meadow. Houston Meadow, sometimes called Cathedral Meadow, consists of two areas: one immediately downslope of Houston Playground on Sequoia St. and another across the ravine to the north, near Clyde Lane.”


Fish Raise Their Voices to Shout Over Noise

“Every day, thousands of cars and trucks rumble across bridges all over the U.S. Their drivers probably don’t give much thought to the fish swimming in the rivers, lakes or bays below. But the fish notice them: They can hear those noisy engines passing overhead, and according to a new study, they are having to shout to communicate over the din.”